A Healing Perspective on the Pandemic

Hello friends! I would like to share some of my thoughts on the pandemic situation we have come to find ourselves in!


Crows on a branch

"Finding Hope" is my oil painting on wood representing a fleeting flame of hope. Sometimes we may feel like we are endlessly waiting for our dreams to come true, like the crows sitting on this branch. Out of the eternal stillness, a burning hope will fill our hearts with passion. It is passion that lends us the strength to follow our wildest dreams. Never loose sight of your butterfly! Click the painting!





In the beginning, I flip flopped in fear. Many of us did. Fear of uncertainty, fear of the unknown, and sad to see the world shut its doors and close down. I didn't want to take a break, I had sparkling plans for starting a business and hosting workshops and events! Like everyone else, I was going to have to accept that the world does not revolve around our preferred timeline...


Virus and Earth


Everything happens for a reason. The pandemic is not just a random bloop. Nor is it just some crappy situation.


I believe the pandemic needs to happen for a reason that we may never begin to fully understand. Maybe we never will. That's okay. As much as we like to be in control, it is time to accept that nature is mysteriously powerful. We need to follow it's guided path and not despair.




I see so much beautiful kindness blooming from this time of change. The world is shifting within the closed doors. When it is time to open again, it will never quite be the same. We are starting to become more giving to strangers and remembering the true joy of human connection. People are remembering what is truly important to the experience of being alive. Familial bonds are strengthening. I notice my neighborhood is becoming like a big family. People are generously lending a helping hand. Neighbors are chatting over their garden fences and laughing in the sunshine. Everyone smiles because we know no one is alone, together we will get through this! Suddenly, it doesn't seem so scary at all!


Water lily and pink lotus flower in blue pond
The natural world is filled with astounding beauty. Take delight with every small detail. We are so incredibly lucky to like in a world where lilies blossom upon water!




Nature is healing, the planet is recovering from our past abuse... People are becoming more in tune with nature. We can always turn to the great outdoors during times of quarantine. Suddenly people are inspired to starting their own gardens! More people are discovering how grounding mother nature can be during a time of stress. Spring's lovely blooms are here to fill us with joy!


Even in the bleakest of situations, miracles are hiding around every corner. Expect the unexpected. Believe the unbelievable. Trust the unknown.


Safa Qureshi with her white horse
Horses are healing...


Keynai is my fuzzy quarantine buddy! Who are your quarantine buddies? How are you feeling about the pandemic? Let's start a discussion down below!