When Life Gives You Lemons!

When life gives you lemons, make some zesty macaroons! Do you ever have one of those days when the universe is just poking fun at you all day long. Like, seriously. One of Those days! 

But life would be bland without the bloopers! Let's call them Lemon Bloops!

Why They are Precious

Lemon Bloops honestly bring your life soooo many giggles with a dash of zest! So next time you get one, instead of despising every moment, CELEBRATE THE ZEST!

Some things may only seem funny after the fact. Try to lighten up during the show!

Next time a lemon plops onto your head, recognize how ridiculously hilarious the situation is! Then feel gratitude for being blessed with such a silly life! And if it isn’t a very silly lemon, at LEAST your life is being interesting! Maybe it’s time to shake things up a little! Plot twists are what make books entertaining to read! Plot twists are ALSO what make your life entertaining to live! 

For the really challenging Lemon Bloops

Remember that everything happens for a reason. The lemon bloops are no exception. You never get to know all the answers to life's mysterious ways. Now what would be the fun in that? No one likes SPOILERS.

Every day of your life is a puzzle piece that is slowly building you into the person you are meant to become. Piece by piece, everything will fit into place. You never know what the alternative would be! Trust that you got the better deal! Woohoo! Celebrate those lemons!

My collection of lemon bloops (Yep, ALL IN ONE DAY!)

Recently storybook of my life had of those days! Let’s share some giggle-worthy life bloopers shall we?!


I woke up one beautiful morning surrounded by the fragrant petals of lillies and roses...

Your thoughts may be saying something like, “Wait whaaaa? But I thought...”. 
Stick with me on this one! It gets sour!

After I indulged in the romantic beauty of my surroundings, I came to the realization that when I flipped sides last night, my long Rapunzel braid had whiplashed the vase of flowers on my bedside! (Long hair problems! My hair falls below my knees!).


As I collected the petals of shades of pink and red, I discovered that the pollen from the lilies (which smelled like heaven) had stained my white comforter, sheets, and pillow. I'm talking horrendous yellow splotches in between the shades of highlighters, turmeric, and pee. It wasn’t cute. Even two heavy-duty washes couldn't recover them! Fine then! They will forever make me smile!


Kiwi (my parrot) was decided it was best to make this one of her "I'm going to throw little birds tantrums all day long" days. One of those days! Perfect for fine tuning my patience through all of my life bloopers!


My Instacart groceries were delivered to another house! Of course they were!


I spilled my spiralina drink all over my floor and extension chords! That means dark green swamp water everywhere! plus the glorious splatter of green polka dots on all nearby furniture! So much for my breakfast!


My splits stretch ladder collapsed when I was in mid-over split! It’s hard to explain! Basically I am like a contortionist and I was using a stretching tool that dissembled  and resulted in me hitting the hard wooden floor!


The spectrum internet guy made my whole home smell overbearingly like "man stranger".

Interesting FactoidI'm super sensitive to smell! I'm a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and my perception of smell can be overbearing. Imagine living life with sensations on steriods! I'll write you a blog article on it!


My video editing software crashed and I scrambled together my lesson video exported in time for tomorrows class! (I make art lesson videos for an virtual art course! It will be released for purchase eventually, contact me to learn more!).


I smashed the soft spot of my knee on the corner of an open drawer. Nice!


After laughing and telling my new boyfriend about my zesty lemon day, he dumped me!


Haha, it had only been a few days and apparently it was just not to be. Darn it! No worries, no broken hearts here.


Waaaaayy past my bedtime, I finally changed into my pjs and headed towards my bed! It was finally time to put this day to rest!

And then I realized my sheets were still soaking in the washer. Sensational.

Which of my lemon bloops gave you some giggles?! Have you had any lemon bloops lately? Share some zest in the comments!

May your lives be sprinkled with a touch of lemon zest!


Much love and sparkles to you,



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